All Hits Wonder Vol. 2


” Then a voice came out of the darkness
Saying, tear the system down
Tear it down “

-Chicago – State of The Union

We’ve selected some songs picked from cassette and vinyl available in our store, that might remind you about the old days, remembering the sweet memories from early 70’s till now. Hopefully it’s your favourite one, stay tuned!

– Best regards, Newton Store

All Hits Wonder Vol. 2

  1. Santana – Aqua Marine
  2. Billy Joe – She’s Always a Woman
  3. Bee gees – How Deep is Your Love
  4. John Lennon – Mind Games
  5. Tom Jones – Delilah
  6. Tower of Power – Soul Vaccination
  7. Emerson Lake and Palmer – Taste of My Love
  8. Barry Manilow – I Made it Through The Rain
  9. UB40 – I Shot The Sheriff
  10. Diana Ross – Lady Sings The Blues
  11. Chicago – State of The Union
  12. Titiek Sandhora – Surabaya Yang Berkesan
  13. Animal Collective – Lion in a Coma
  14. Big Star – September Gurls
  15. Payola$ – Rose

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